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Yesterday: One night, years and years ago, some of us journalists joined Jon Hassell, and in that Norwegian pub that had nothing exotic or fourth world-like in its ambience, I introduced Jon to the great-great daughter of Gustav Mahler who was a cellist in a Symphony Orchestra. And that was special. Punkt has always been about the closing of circles.  (m.e.) 


Tomorrow: Renowned Norwegian artists celebrate the music of the influential trumpet player and composer Jon Hassell. The influential American trumpeter and composer Jon Hassell passed away on June 26, 2021. This year Hassell would have turned 85, and we wish to honor him with a memorial concert at Victoria on his birthday on March 22. This evening you will hear an all-star team of Norwegian musicians who have all either collaborated with Jon Hassell or have a relationship to his music.

On stage are three generations of inspired trumpeters, in addition to former members of Hassell’s band, who played with him both live and in studio. Several of them collaborated with him on Jon Balke’s „Siwan“ project and played with him at the Punkt Festival in Kristiansand. The music this eveningwill be composed by, or inspired by, Jon Hassell. The memorial concert is produced in collaboration with Punkt, which Hassell visited several times, and is organized in consultation with Hassell’s family. We hope you will join us on Tuesday. See you there!

LINE UP: Nils Petter Molvær – trumpet, Arve Henriksen – trumpet, Kristina Fransson – trumpet, Harpreet Bansal – violin, Eivind Aarset – guitar, Jon Balke – keys, Helge Norbakken – percussion, Jan Bang – live sampling, Erik Honoré – live sampling, keys, Arnaud Mercier – sound

The concert has been streamed live on youtube.
You missed it? Here we go


Ladies and gentleman, this is 2011, and this is the „Alpha-Room“: Nils Petter Molvaer came with a helicopter. He had a concert the night before at the Munch Museum. No long time for preparations. But Guy Sigsworth is well prepared. It starts with some classical motives, like a grown up’s memory of listenng to some Goldberg Variations on a strange children´s birthday party. It takes a while till Nils Petter seems to find a key for the music. We hear a sample of a Justin Bieber song. Is anyone in the mood for Saturday Night Fever? Punkt turning disco? After a while (and some rippy rappy pop moments), Guy´s creating breathing space for the trumpet. Melancolia and exuberance.


It is still 2011, you better believe it. For the first time at Punkt, there is a special room, with the flair of an old French cinema. You‘re  watching live-remixes on screen that are taking place simultaneously. It has a documentary feeling, old nouvelle vague like (the school of Jacques Rivette). Here I see,the final live-remix of the 7th Punktfestival. Marilyn Mazur working with a small drum kit, Nils Petter Molvaer playing Nils Petter Molvaer and, suggesting some distant breath of „Bitches Brew“. Jan Bang, Erik Honore, Eivind Aarset, the usual suspects. They will be the usual suspects ten years from now on. An old vanishing word came to my mind that only makes sense in a Thomas Pynchon  novel like  „Inherent Vice“ – or in very relaxed Punkt moment – the word is „groovy“. Blame this on the Beta Room, too, it has a 1968 vibe.

2015 12 Jan

RADIO ON DEMAND – Honoré + Ambiq

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RADIO ON DEMAND Concertzender

Klangfluide – Honoré und Ambiq mit einer speziellen Einleitung

Photo Honoré @FoBo _ HenningBolte

Vieles verdanken wir dem Spielen: Kultur, Kreativität, Lebensfreude. „Homo ludens“ – ein alter philosophischer Hut, der hübsch schräg auf dem Kopf sitzt. Norbert Bolz spürt in seinem Buch „Wer nicht spielt, ist krank“ diverse Antriebskräfte dieses letztlich Unernsten und doch Leicht-Ernst-Zu-Nehmendem auf. Eine Kernidee der Manafonistas basiert ja auch auf dem Spieltrieb: die Überraschung, die Freude an Überschneidungen, das lustvolle Pokern mit dem Hintersinn des Zufalls. Selbst das Ernste gewinnt bei uns gelegentlich eine leichte Qualität, in der Geschichtenerzählerei.

Eine famose, und toternste Geschichte erzählt der englische Kriminalschriftsteller Mark Billingham in seinem Thriller „Die Lügen der Anderen“. Seit Jahren ein Schöpfer guter und sehr guter Kriminalromane, gelingt ihm sein Meisterstück ausgerechnet da, wo er vertraute Figuren, Muster und Schauplätze hinter sich lässt. Auch eine Begleiterscheinung des Spielerischen: sich seitwärts treiben zu lassen, bis ein neuer Ansatz auftaucht, und neue Volten geschlagen werden.

Wieviel Klangträumerei, Versuch und Irrtum, abseitige Pfade, und Luftssprünge (gerne etwas solider „Aha-Erlebnisse“ genannt), im Spiel waren, als Erik Honore sein Album „Heliographs“ gelang, ist schwerlich zu ermitteln. Dieses Album ist fürwahr eine Entdeckung, und ein weiteres Highlight des aufstrebenden Osloer Labels „Hubro“ – nur dort können es interessierte Mittel-, Süd-, Ost- und Westeuropäer on-line als Cd und Lp erwerben, bevor es am 21. November offiziell ausserhalb Norwegens erscheint.

Und fast von selbst stellt sich die musikalische Wiederveröffentlichung des Monats auf – so vertraut, so einzigartig, dass nur  Desinteressierte und Anhänger des Sensurround-Sounds nicht in Verzückung geraten – die einzige Voraussetzung ist ein gediegener Plattenspieler – und die Ohren werden gross wie Scheunentore: The Beatles In Mono“.

Producing The Jazz Facts in the Deutschlandfunk was pure fun. A lot of nice coincidencies: two days ago, I realized that not only Ralph Towner’s TRAVEL GUIDE, but Carla Bley’s TRIOS, too, were recorded in that „radio theatre“  in Lugano. And after talking with Austrian guitarist Wolfgang Muthspiel about his first recording with producer Manfred Eicher, I decided to need another voice sheding some light on the special room and the producer’s input. So, I got Bley’s long-time sax player Andy Sheppard on the phone, and what he told me, was the icing on the cake, a great finish for the show. 

Now this was only part of the fun. Some guys do great work, working as musician and tone engineers behind the controls to make radio sound magic. In this case bass player Markus Brown (his trio  is just featured  in a big Scandinavian jazz magazine) was the great man working the details: listen to  the show, and you will see that it was done, let me say it this way, with love and care. In between jazz matador Karsten Mützelfeld entered the studio and offered me 20 Euros, because he couldn’t help but strictly ignore the deadline of 7 minutes and 30 seconds. This guy has great humour 
The good vibes continued when we arrived at the headquarter of jazz affairs and small-taked with Harald Rehmann. It was a perfect radio day, and you really shouldn’t miss the show! There will be features on the Punkt Festival and a showcase in Trondheim.  Last, not least, there are great new records by Carla Bley, Ralph Towner, Jan Bang, Nils Petter Molvaer and Arve Henriksen. Arve will perform in Dortmund’s Domicil on October 12th! I’ll be there. And Harald will record Arve at the Unterfahrt in München. 






This year’s PUNKT FESTIVAL has been a beautiful affair. After being curated by Eno and Sylvian in the last two years, it was a kind of going back to the roots of PUNKT. The best thing is the Punkt aesthetic which is, beyond the art of live-sampling, a lesson in stripping down nearly every „big thing“ to chamber music size and a sensual „being-lost-in-the-laboratory“-agenda. David Sylvian’s trio, The Kilowatt Hour,  shows the silent triumph of an artist rigorously following his own visions and thereby sacrificing old fans‘ nostalgic expectations. In case you’re looking for the best visual choreographies of modern music history, you can start, maybe, with early Pink Floyd, and you’ll end up at The Kilowatt Hour. The duo of Jan Bang with jazz pianist Tigran Hamasyan (and special guest Eivind Aarset) was one of the most shining hours of the Punkt history, telling that jazz’s future might be well-grounded in playing with fractured dejavues and nearly lost echoes. By the way, Tigran’s musical life changed when he (once upon a time) listened to „Dis“ from Jan Garbarek and Ralph Towner. The sound of the wind harp ist still alive, folks! Another breathtaking event was the duo of a singer and a guitarist: Eteniesh Wassie’s  and Mathieu Sourisseau’s performance was bleak, really bleak, another stripped-down intensity in its purest form. In parts rooted in the East of Africa, their music covered the range from trance patterns to joyous noise. No wonder that especially these three performances in  Foenix Cinema and  Kick Scene were followed by live-remixes (with Erik Honore, Ivar Grydeland, Jan Bang, Audun Kleive, Arve Henriksen, Sidsel Endresen a.o.) that transferred the original sounds to a totally different landscape without losing the emotional impact. In spite of the election in Norway that went utterly wrong (bad news) we will have PUNKT No. 10 next year (good news).

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