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Ich mag ein Magazin, das kein Sammelsurium ist, sondern voller Leitmotive und roter Fäden, Verflechtungen und Synchronizitäten. Das scheint mir hier gelungen.





„New stuff from the world of improvised music, with Michael Engelbrecht, hello!  Three protagonists of free jazz participate in this hour – Pharoah Sanders, once John Coltrane’s comrade-in-arms in his most radical music, and heard at the beginning with an artistic credo as simple as it is elementary, as well as two European pioneers and developers of free jazz of past decades, Evan Parker and Mats Gustafsson.

The connection between spirituality and political consciousness, which historically goes hand in hand with American free jazz, continues to have an effect in current albums by the American pianist Vijay Iyer and the English formation Sons of Kemet In addition, there are two specialists of „ritual groove music“, the pianist Nik Bärtsch – and the Gimbri player Joshua Abrams, whose „Natural Information Society with Evan Parker“ provides the acoustic mood.



Beginning and end belong to two productions by Manfred Eicher and Blake Mills, respectively: in both cases, reduction is the magic word. While bassist Pino Palladino relies on post-production finesse, and the music never sounds like people communicating in a real space, that’s exactly the case with drummer Thomas Strønen’s trio. Ayumi Tanaka plays piano, Marthe Lea alternates between clarinet, percussion and ascetically deployed vocals.

„Bayou“ is an equally primal and radical release from the ECM label. „The most beautiful sound next to silence“ – what became an advertising slogan in the early years of the Munich-based label is not realized in such an exemplary way every day either. Silence is a natural part of free-floating sounds, in every moment the wide space of a radio hall in Lugano is palpable. No partition walls, no headphones – And the three perceive the sounds exactly as they are recorded.“ 




Unforgettable, Joshua Abrams‘ „psychedelic“  introduction to the double album „Descent (Out Of Our Constrictions)“ from The Natural Information Society w/ Evan Parker. For „Klanghorizonte“ exclusively.

1. Brian Eno: The Ship
2. David Bowie: Blackstar
3. Vijay Iyer & Wadada Leo Smith: A Cosmic Rhythm With Each Stroke
4. Jon Balke: Warp
5. Matmos: Ultimate Care II
6. Naqsh Duo: Narrante
7. Van Morrison: It’s Too Late To Stop Now, Vol. II, III & IV
8. Paul Simon: Stranger To Stranger
9. Sturgill Simpson: A Sailor’s Guide To Earth
10. Tindersticks: The Waiting Room
11. Thomas Köner: Tiento de la Luz
12. P. J. Harvey: The Hope Six Demolition Project
13. Darren Hayman: Thankful Villages Vol. 1
14. Jack DeJohnette, Ravi Coltrane, Matthew Garrison: In Movement
15. Glenn Jones: Fleeting*
*  … this will be one of my all time favourite guitar solo albums!

2011 16 Mai

Crystal Muddy Waters

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Nein, das ist nicht die neue Definition des Thriller-Genres.

Oder der Name eines „Schauer“-Romans.

Es ist meine stärkste Assoziation, die mich beim Hören der Band Steamhammer befiel.

Das war vergangenes Wochenende.

Hoochie Coochie Jazz! Ein Amalgam aus New Orleans, Chicago, New York und Seattle.

Zwei Generationen Blues (Muddy Waters, Jimi Hendrix) treffen auf diverse Folk- und Jazz-Traditionen. Insgesamt eine sehr inspirierte und inspirierende Angelegenheit! Es klingt so, als würde man durch das Häufchen Blues den gläsernen Menschen erblicken.

Ganz ähnlich, mit Momenten der Transzendenz ausgestattet,

und ohne das übliche Tablabla:

das Projekt Tirtha des Pianisten VI. – Das überzeugt mich!

Mehr Trio-Flow als One-Man-Show.

Tirtha ist nicht nur was für den Jazz-Boss. Auch der gemeine Rezipient nimmt die Ton-Salven dankbar auf!

Das Gitarrenspiel von Prasanna ist superb!

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