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After duo works with Robert Fripp, Harold Budd, David Byrne, brother Roger, Peter Schwalm a.o., Brian Eno started another creative duo with Underworld maestro Karl Hyde in the year 2014. In fact, the teamwork ended in the same year, within three months roundabout: a short span of time for two great albums, Someday World, and High Life. One more on the song side, the other freewheelin‘, rougher. I was there in the studio of day one of High Life. The first two improvisations didn’t end up on the album. Fully enjoying this „concert for one“, Brian asked what I was thinking. I answered something like: „Quite hypnotic, something Arabian, a distant echo of the more anarchic sounds of Embryo.“ On this blog you can find my long interview with the two lads, in which they looked back on Someday World. The interview and the old card game titled „Oblique Strategies“, inspired two excellent Frank Nikol „one picture stories“. What you see above is just a photo of mine in mono comic mode. (Brian Eno‘s „Film Music (1976-2020) is no. 2 of my year‘s end list of archival discoveries / reissues.  Brian will speak about this album and his classic „Music For Films“ (1978) in my edition of the radio night „Klanghorizonte“ on Dec. 26, between 3.05 and 4.00 am)


This is the link:
专访Ambient创始人Brian Eno 和Underworld主唱Karl …

The Manafonistas are so grateful that Wicki has done this amazing job!  It’s a slightly condensed version, but contains all essential parts of the original interview posted here on May 1st. There might be some minor adjustements in the design. Here you see how it starts …

Eno 博士和Hyde先生的奇妙探险 – Michael Engelbrecht 专访Ambient音乐创始人以及Underworld乐队主唱
(翻译:Wicki 爱尔福克)

Brain Eno 和Karl Hyde带着一丝神奇和野性创造那些让人不安、却又优美的歌曲。Brain 清楚如何在陈旧老路上找寻出口,对他俩来说迷路是心灵的需要。他们正行走于英国古老土地的边缘,身边便是另一个蓝色的世界。“the satellites sing songs / The days run into one / I need the sound of cars / To drown the quiet sun“



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