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Niklas Wandt is again on air, with his second live night of „Klanghorizonte“ at the Deutschlandfunk (April 16),  and on his way to the break of dawn, a lot of new and ancient music will be floating through our ears. For example: Roger Eno*, Petter Eldh, jameszoo, Kaja Draksler, Giovanni di Domenico, Neu!, Amon Düül, Hölderlin, Cluster, Jeff Parker and many others.

Jan Reetze will be reading from his book „Der Sound der Jahre“, one of the most intruiging time travel experiences through „die alte Bundesrepublik Deutschland“ in recent years, musicwise. Anyone remembering Hölderlin, the band, not the poet? The night can be reloaded for immersive listening after it happened, for the next seven days to come. 


*Roger Eno‘s album is out on April 22, vinyl, cd, and dl, on Deutsche Grammofon Gesellschaft. Leah Kardos, author of a fine book on David Bowie, sings the praise of „The Turning Year“ in „The Wire“, as Michael Engelbrecht has done here. 

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