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  1. Tunng: …presents Dead Club (palyful play of the existenzial)
  2. Bob Dylan: Rough and Rowdy Ways (his best one since …)
  3. Fiona Apple: Fetch The Bolt Cutters (one word: terrific!)
  4. Bill Callahan: Gold Record (unfolding its gold slowly)
  5. The Flaming Lips: American Head (past wounds, shining)
  6. Jon Hassell: Seeing Through Sound – („into the impossible“)
  7. Einstürzende Neubauten: Alles in allem (future classic)
  8. Terje Rypdal: Conspiracy (blue, blue, electric blue)
  9. Die Wilde Jagd: Haut (masterpiece in song & sound)
  10. Roger and Brian Eno: Mixing Colours (a stunning grower)
  11. Tony Allen & Hugh  Masekela: Rejoice (no ounce of fat)
  12. J. Peter Schwalm & Arve Henriksen: Neuzeit 
  13. Afel Bocoum: Lindé (old Africa, and beyond)
  14. Alabaster DePlume: To Cy and Lee, Instrumentals Vol. 1
  15. Aquiles Navarro & Tcheser Holmes: Heritage of the Invisible II
  16. Strings & Timpani: Voice & Strings & Timpani (overflowing)
  17. Eivind Aarset & Jan Bang: Snow Catches on her Eyelashes 
  18. Wire: Mind Hive (a biting beast, melancolia included)
  19. Hen Ogledd: Free Humans (supersurrealrealities)
  20. The  Necks: Three (they just can‘t do the average )
  21. Rustin Man: Clockdust (on certain nights my number 1)
  22. M. Ward: Think of Spring (the art of understated guitar)
  23. Thomas Köner: Motus (music of an unknown future)
  24. Paradise Cinema: Paradise Cinema 



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