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2021 5 Feb

Story with „Cello“

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In December of 1992 I came back from 6 months of working in Nepal gratuitously wallowing in heartbreak. A love affair doomed from the start was, well, doomed and died. In January of 1993 I’d take breaks from recording „The Fall of Us All“ to stand in the open doorway of my studio and smoke. In order to feel properly sad and in order to smoke Camel Straights with credibility I made myself sadder by playing David Darling’s „Cello“ album, especially the first selection. Also „Toward the Night“ by Someh Satoh – I alternated between Satoh and Darling depending on the level of misery required. Just seeing the cover of either CD made me feel sad. Very satisfying.  

This combination of CD, nicotine, and sadness worked best when it was snowing hard. Minnesota blizzards.

we feel righteously sad, why do we feel the need to make ourselves sadder by choosing exactly the right music to accompany our sad sadness? Darwin wants to know.


Album goes well, but slow. Like physics: you have decided to melt through a glacier but can only use body heat. It will take as long as it takes.




November 1992, Taksang, Bhutan



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