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The piece „50 Shades Of White“ is performed by 55 musicians all dressed in white on a white stage – faces painted white – in a strong white light all sharing a white plastic saxophone – playing one sound at a time – every minute – passing the instrument from one musician to the next while moving in slow motion – when all 55 players have made their sound – the piece is over and they leave the stage and close all doors and turns of the lights.

The audience is left in the darkened room for at least an hour before being let out one by one.

How would you feel being the last one to be led out of the room?



For example, a series of sessions on a train going from Oslo to Istanbul. No multi-tracking, everything is mixed as it is played. Editing only to clean up false starts and possibly to reinvent the purpose of dreaming. The passengers are occasionally joining in the performance as dancers or train conductors. As we are travelling towards Istanbul there are several artists painting the train green inside as well as sculptors changing the landscape we pass through. The sun transforms itself into a fish and the horizon is turned vertical. Instead of windows to look out of there is silence to look inside. The audience is applauded for listening deeply and for focusing the sounds that would otherwise be lost. Finally as the train comes to Istanbul it bursts into flames and everyone leaves by the secret exit. Except you. How would it sound? Imagine.

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