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jazz on the verge of falling apart…highly experimental, not relying on well-trodden paths…to start this hour with the latest works of Barre, Ashley  and Moor Mother signals a decent research in unpredictability, and, poetically speaking, an ocean of sound…the book on jazz echoes from the 60‘s is another look at unforeseen changes of parameters in improvised music …and then, steve tibbetts‘ breathtaking anthology, a fine entry for beginners, and deep listening for all… a freewheelin’, floating hour looking for a final chord with a whisper, or a bang…ashley paul and steve tibbetts were kindly asked to participate. erlend apneseth (hardanger fiddle) and the hurdy gurdy man (matthias loibner) join the party, too.




/ 1 / Barre Phillips & Gyorgy Kurtág Jr.: Face à Face (ECM) / 2 / Ashley Paul: I am Fog (bandcamp – digital – cassette) / 3 /  Moor Mother: Jazz Codes / 4 / Feature – Michael Rüsenberg (book review – „Jazz Echos“) / 5 /   Steve Tibbetts: Hellbound Train / 6 / Erlend Apneseth: Nova (Hubro) / 7 / Lucas Niggli  & Matthias Loibner: Still Storm (Intakt Rec.)  


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