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2013 8 Mai

The National

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„All The L.A. Women fall asleep while swimming.“


Das neue, exzellente Album von The National erscheint am 17. Mai. Es ist, wie HIGH VIOLET, wie BOXER, dunkel und schön, um es ganz schlicht zu sagen. Die Texte sind anspielungsreich, raffiniert. Jeder Song ist fein gearbeitet, die Texturen sind so wichtig wie die Melodieführung. Trouble will find you!


When I think of you in the city,

The sight of you among the sites.

I get this sudden sinking feeling,

Of a man about to fly.

Never kept me up before,

Now I’ve been awake for days.

I can’t fight it anymore,

I’m going through an awkward phase.

I am secretly in love with,

Everyone that I grew up with.

Do my crying underwater,

I can’t get down any farther.

All my drowning friends can see,

Now there is no running from it.

It’s become the crux of me,

I wish that I could rise above it.


But I stay down,

With my demons.



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