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Hi Michael, Hope you are doing fine! Good here, despite it all, enjoying the winter and the cold with skiing, keeping myself busy with small things, fex making records! New album coming on Fenruary 5th. Solo live-performance from Oslo in March 2020 recorded and released now. New, own label (!) „Hemli“ (the solo album will be available on  CD, LP and downloads via Bandcamp.) (soon up…) / No streaming yet (stop the steal). 

Got the chance to develop a solo-set last year when no concerts suddenly was the reality. This is I guess a subtle set, dynamic, delicate, dreamy. Daring? Somehow standing on the shoulders of the work I did with my release Reveries and Revelations, but this time all live, in the moment, Subtle effects and acoustic bass over it.
good and hopeful greetings fro the coming months for us all!
Mats [Eilertsen]


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