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That what it‘s all about. No doubt it‘ll all end up in tears. Or sudden death, tears only for the leftovers. Death by chocolate, death by wrong time, wrong place. Or you‘ll see the golden light, but it‘s all endorphines, morphines, and the brain protecting you a last time before the curtain‘s falling. You won’t see anyone again really. There may be an afterglow, but it‘s a matter of seconds, though the tricky neurochemical game of passing away forever might suggest eternity. So many people are trapped by illusions of an afterlife. Come on, Laurie Anderson: The Tibetan Book Of The Dead. Really? But, then again, how long did it take for Sawyer, Kate, Juliet, and all the others on the island, to realize that they ARE dead? In other words, LOST. So, no doubt the six seasons of one of the best TV shows ever are a second version of the Tibetans‘ survival manual. We better start asking some essential questions now. What is life all about? NO! Why are you still worried? YES! Worried about what? YES! The sound of someone going away? YES! They are all going away all the time. It happens every moment. Marriage doesn’t work either (rare enough). Too many miserable safety nets. Safety is the big illusion. See what happened to Satie when he had been striving for recognition – the hell of dead music! So the real question is: when do you start living? Or to make it utterly simple (from my basic lessons as a life coach): when do you start this fabulous day? Because, being dead will be easy anyway for a very long time. You think this guy is some hardcore atheist! No, I do believe in angels, for example. Yes, you can see them everywhere, just open your eyes. They don‘t do a very good job most of the time, they drink too much, they prefer escapism, tropical island discotheques, and some real good fuckin‘. They are humans in the end. Heaven is the place where nothing really happens. So here we are, down to earth, and you listen to a piece of music titled „The sound of someone you love who’s going away, and it doesn‘t matter“.


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