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It’s all a bit quick in the making, and deadlines are coming nearer, but, as I’ve been falling more and more in love with the music i’ve chosen (Robert Fripp would say, it chose me!), I contacted, or, better said, I’m about to contact Julie, Taiko, and Rickie. No matter, if I will hear from them via emails , Zoom, spoken word, or even nothing at all, nevermind, just writing these little letters is opening  some spaces in, and windmills of, my mind…

The following albums will find their place, and word of praise, inside my jazz hour oscillating between the wild and the blue, between cinemascope and intimacy. A mental note appreciated: Deutschlandfunk, May, 4, 9.05 p.m.




Fire! Orchestra: Echoes
B1: Niklas Wandt über das neue Album der Natural Information Society
Keith & Julie Tippett: Sound On Stone
Taiko Saito: Tears of a Cloud (solo vibraphone)
Rickie Lee Jones: Pieces of Treasure
Trio Tapestry:  Our Daily Bread
„Fuchstone Orchestra“ („teaser“ for DLF show & production)
B2: Michael Kuhlmann: über das 31. Leipziger Jazznachwuchsfestival
Fire! Orchestra: Echoes


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