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2016 24 Feb

Lift me high!

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„Dark star Californian sirens who’ll destroy you with sweet narcosis.
Get ready to die.“

Nice invitation to David Holmes´s new band „Unloved“ and the don’t-give-a-damn title „Guilty of Love“. In fact, three records will appear on the same day (March 8th) that all signal time travel obsession with the wild part of the 60’s and (in parts) even the 50’s: Holmes´ smoky, sepia-tinged noir mix of coolness, emptyness and despair; the freewheelin‘ battle of moods from the Mersey River´s „The Coral“ on their wildest album to date, Distance In Between, that lays it all down: a touch of Hawkwind’s formative years, the darker moods of the slow-burning TV series Mad Men and other little worlds softly falling apart. Finally, M. Ward and „More Rain“. Believe it or not, this troubadour has no interest in restoring and rewriting lost nostalgia, it’s just dead serious business (and, oh, what a joy, too!) mixing time distortion with crafted songlines and ghosty textures: „Lift me high, so that I can see the dark shine beyond my darkest day.“ 


2015 26 Dez

More Rain

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American troubadour M. Ward, a favourite singer/songwriter of some manafonistas, will return with a solo album in March 2016 titled „More Rain“. Maybe he’s similarly devoted to songs with the word „rain“ in it like (once upon a time) John Fogerty and (much later) Robert Forster. The music has (as one can read) a more up-beat quality than his early masterpieces in uninhibited yearning and melancolia. His best albums, according to Michael E., are HOLD TIME, POST-WAR, and TRANSISTOR RADIO. Martina, slightly obsessed with old cassettes, will be delighted by the cover art. M. Ward has always had a sophisticated approach to layers of sound, and subtle melodies. Lately he said in a statement, and that’s really worth reading:


„I think one of the biggest mysteries of America right now is this: How are we able to process unending bad news on page one and then go about our lives the way the style section portrays us? There must be a place in our brains that allows us to take a bird’s-eye view of humanity, and I think music is good at helping people — myself included — go to that place.“



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