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2015 26 Dez

More Rain

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American troubadour M. Ward, a favourite singer/songwriter of some manafonistas, will return with a solo album in March 2016 titled „More Rain“. Maybe he’s similarly devoted to songs with the word „rain“ in it like (once upon a time) John Fogerty and (much later) Robert Forster. The music has (as one can read) a more up-beat quality than his early masterpieces in uninhibited yearning and melancolia. His best albums, according to Michael E., are HOLD TIME, POST-WAR, and TRANSISTOR RADIO. Martina, slightly obsessed with old cassettes, will be delighted by the cover art. M. Ward has always had a sophisticated approach to layers of sound, and subtle melodies. Lately he said in a statement, and that’s really worth reading:


„I think one of the biggest mysteries of America right now is this: How are we able to process unending bad news on page one and then go about our lives the way the style section portrays us? There must be a place in our brains that allows us to take a bird’s-eye view of humanity, and I think music is good at helping people — myself included — go to that place.“



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2 Kommentare

  1. Gregor:

    … hast du die Platte etwa schon???

  2. Michael Engelbrecht:

    … yep.

    Aber ich bin jetzt in Kürze „on the road“. Du erreichst mich unter meiner Mobilnummer. Die geliehenen Cd’s gehen alle noch vor meinem Flug per Post zurück. Bye.

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