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2023 15 Feb

Two kinds of blue

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This is fascinating. One album that grows more and more with time (first encounter lingering), the other one catches immediately (old love never dies – bringing back memories of tropical London, 1990, meeting Jon in South Kensington). The former is Lucrecia Dalt‘s take on South American traditions, „!Ay!“ (2022, The Wire‘s album of the year), songs, bass, electronics, and all, the latter Jon Hassell‘s double vinyl, called „Psychogeography“ (just released), Jon‘s reworking of studio and home recordings of materials and improvs from the days of 1990’s „City: Works of Fiction“. The sound is ace. Sketches, the gift of special moments, some shots in the dark. Two records, two kinds of blue, very fine. Excellent pressing in the case of the Jon’s Ndeya edition with inspiring liner notes by Hassell himself (track by track notes, and damn good ones!), Adam Rudolph and Jeff Rona. 


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