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2017 31 Aug

Vitamin D recommended

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Beeing aware of the Vitamin D subject in the mid-nineties I meanwhile forgot about it. At that time there was no Internet, but I read that the skin can only convert sunlight into Vitamin D if certain conditions are fullfilled. After sunbathing you have to avoid taking a shower for some hours, otherwise it will be washed away. Sunscreen also prevents a Vitamin D production of the skin. Minimum activating UV factor is: bigger than 3. Older or overweighted people have a stronger need. In our latitudes (northern germany, alaska etc) Vitamin D deficiency prevails from November to March, at least. Therefore there is a wideknown susceptibility to infections and „winter depressions“ – unless you go on holidays to southern countries in winter, then you’re fine. The depot may last for two months, but not longer. The Vitamin D level can be determined by a self test, better by a doctor. The blood serum should be in between 30 ng/ml and 100 ng/ml. Adequate Vitamin D levels can prevent numerous diseases in old age: osteoporosis, dementia, calcification of the arteries, etc – so supplementation might be useful and healthy. But be careful: if you supplement in a higher dose, this should be done together with Magnesium and Vitamin K2.

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