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2015 22 Mrz

You and Me

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I met Moko Jumbi
He walks on stilts through all saints row
Looking over the brew now, for a possession loss
People sound, no days off
In September, when the sun sets soon now

In you, it radiates on you
Seven high they’re rising
Over on the other side
Of September when the sun sets soon now

Jab jab, digging out a hole in Westbourne Grove
Tin foil and a lighter, the ship across
Five days on, two days off, in September
When the sun sets soon now

You can blame me
Blame me
When the twilight comes
All goes round again

Some days I look at the morning trying to work out how I got here
Cause the distance between us is the glamour’s cost
Late night on the shop floor what language was i speaking
Not sure I remember the thrill and fall
Always in me
Let it go

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