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2019 27 Apr

Aldous‘ Dance

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Aldous Harding – „The Barrel“ (Official Video)


As for her singing, Harding seems to have honed her instrument and matured as a performer – the inflections of her voice give shape and color to every line, and her choices never seem forced. Though the songs certainly have more or less traditional structures – they have verses and choruses, after all – they sound more like a series of meditations than they do folk or pop songs. Precisely by opting for simplicity and tautness, the arrangements (both instrumental and vocal) lend a greater depth to her phrasing than a more explicitly experimental approach might have been able to allow. As her voice makes a silky slither toward the higher notes on “Zoo Eyes,” the song lifts to a blissful state, coaxing the listener into a secret garden populated by the ideas Harding has planted there.

(Dylan Mintanari, Spectrum Culture)


2019 11 Apr

Aldous Harding – „Fixture Picture“

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2017 8 Mai

„Just letting go …“

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