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2023 2 Jul

Duetting Kalfa Bang

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The Rotterdam INVISIBLE COLUMNS concert revealed as a dedicated affair of kindred spirits in immediate communion



as an element of it there was the vocal duetting of Sanem Kalfa with Jan Bang 



it took place in the deep blue industrial dome of the Van Nelle Factory



with its magnificent space



and reverb



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  1. Henning Bolte:

    After 10 days of concerts, today there will be the last concert of Sanem Kalfa as Artist in Focus. It will happen at Paradise Church in Rotterdam.

    She will perform with her duo with violinist/guitarist GEORGE DUMITRIU. This duo celebrates its 15th birthday today with a new program.

    Next week there will be some time and space to reflect on quite a number of performances and concerts that happened during the last 10 days.

  2. Lajla:

    Soo viele Fotos. Henning, hast du noch eins von der van Nelle Fabrik von außen. Das würde mich interessieren.

  3. Henning:

    Die findet man einfach ueber Google im Internet. Das innere Geschehen lässt sich nicht von der Aussenhaut trennen. Mehr später, wenn das ständige Hin und Her im
    Stadtgetümmel sich gelegt hat.

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