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2022 1 Okt

„The Times They Are a-Ending“ – our albums of october

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So many great records coming out in these weeks. The new song album by Brian Eno and Manfred Eicher’s production of Wolfert Brederode’s „Ruins and Remains“ have a bit more in common than first impressions may suggest. Today Ingo completed the reflections on Brederode’s excellent work by thinking back about the days he was witnessing the events inside the „Bremer Sendesaal“. So don’t miss to read his text (in our column section), and enjoy the photos and the documentary. By the way, I sent „Ruins and Remains“ to Roger Eno, and he was very enthusiastic about the record, the music, the moods, the sound.





Brian Eno’s album will appear in different formats (the vinyl is a class-a pressing), and one of them is a bluray audio – the first time ever one of his albums gets a surround / Atmos version. Finally! 40 years ago, in 1982, On Land was released, and Brian’s liner notes contained an instruction to build up a little surround system with a third speaker. Weeks ago, I told him it would make so much sense (and sensuality) to finally create a surround version. He answered that he would look for the old master tape („I think I know where they are“). 

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