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2022 30 Sep


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Not forgetting all things lost  

in the fire of our lives  
(as far as we can remember).  
Sometimes, from a distance, everything    
(losses first, and hands still to hold)    
falls into place. No catchy songs,    
no singalongs, no fairytale parallel worlds,    
no hooks, no future evergreens, oh,    
hold on, in their own peculiar way    
these modern day lamentations are  
a collection of future „everblues“,
haunting, uncanny, anti-
grandiose, epic, enigmatic &   
beautiful in a dark way.    


And how then could it be
That we appear at all?
In all this rock and fire
In all this gas and dust
Are we not each a flame?
All born to live in light
All born to give our light 


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