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2022 15 Aug

Sidseliana (3) – „sounds into sounds, sounds into drawings“

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Music aims at ears. The ears are the basecamp for all things music can set in motion. Thoughts, sensations, emotions, dances, words, whatever. Henning Bolte‘s way is peculiar. Often when listening to a concert, with a collection of coloured penicils in place, and blank paper at hand, he starts with the first sounds – drawing lines, energetic repsonses, mood reflections, instant composing (visually). No post-production, except the artists‘s autographs.

So, after the duo Sidsel Endresen – David Toop had delivered their show (see Sidseliana (1)) – the live-remix team took center stage, and worked with snippets of sound, short motives, loops, of voice and sounds from duo before, extending its suggestions, making diversions, deepening the space, drifting, going somewhere else entirely, who knows? Henning listened, painted – it is a simple modus operandi, and often, in the end, so rewarding. I chose one with a calmer mood, there are lots of others, with deep colour fulfillments, elements of „action painting“, breathing spaces. Always good to stay at one drawing a bit longer.

It might not be so easy, to reflect on how the live remix of Bang, Honoré, Eilertsen, (who was the fourth one?), might have sounded like, but, looking at the picture, there are certain indications: a deep amount of quietness seems to be involved, an exploring of tiny things, a melodic touch to recurring textures. And Sidsel’s voice looming from hidden places!


– Michael Engelbrecht

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