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2022 1 Aug

The Last Sylt Picture Show

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3. Mai – 2020

Niebüll bis Sylt – Apr.–Mai 2020 Reise

Nordfriesische Inseln – 25. Jan. 2021




April 2020. Steve Tibbetts has a story with Sylt, too. He was there, a while, after having recorded „Northern Song“. In 1982. When I lived between Grasfilzing, Bergeinöden, and Arnschwang. In the Northern Bavarian Wood. But look and remember: quiet life on Sylt in 2020. Not always quiet though.

Yesterday the longest walk, about 15 miles starting with some industrial noise made by rattling machines (I have no English names for) and construction workers on the seaside of Westerland. Then it went very still, down Rantum beach, to the nowhere land of Hörnum with those „walking dunes“. All prospects of sunny moments replaced by gritty grey in countless shades. Like in one of those merciless, melancholic black and white movies from early Italian neo-realism (but without people).

In between waiting  for audio files from Brian E. (Norfolk) and Steve T. (Minneapolis) – what a special way of spending your time, writing radio shows between the sea and the silence, on a remote island at the most northern point of Germany (tourism just a memory in spring 2020). This is what Steve  wrote:


„I’ll improvise into a microphone tomorrow or Friday, send you the results this weekend, and you can be Teo Macero and chop it up any way you want. Like, „Rated X“ where you can hear Teo punching in tracks using the subgroup buttons on the recording console during the mix. (Teo described in the liner notes to the re-issue of „Get Up With It.“). I‘ll try to be intelligent.““

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