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Today, the two and a half story, Federal style townhouse remains virtually untouched, adding a quaint sensibility to the otherwise industrial and modern neighborhood. There are a few friendly ghosts that have been known to make appearances, like “Mickey” who’s been patiently waiting for his clipper ship to come into the harbor for the past hundred years. The Ear Inn here in New York isn’t just a bar. It’s a place for creatives to combine forces, for friends to catch up, for families to dine, and for individuals to thrive. The owners and employees are the modern day caretakers of a vibrant and historical institution. Have a beer and a burger and soak up the uniquely contagious energy at The Ear.

Nice words, my friend. It may be the oldest bar in NYC. It‘s so nice, dear Rip, owner of this pub I‘ve never been in, that you‘re my guest (virtually) in my radio night „Klanghorizonte“ on Saturday night as soon as I will open up the time travel department. I lile to play the flute piece at quite a low volume, by the way. Thank you for the music. Leonard will join the party. 


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