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2021 24 Mai

Pfingstgruss vom Maschsee

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<span style="color: #779191;">Aus dem Zyklus "Der Hannoveraner liebt seine Stadt" © JS 2021</span>


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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    In welchem Verlag wird der Zyklus erscheinen?

  2. Jochen:

    I thought about Matthes & Seitz …

  3. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Good choice. You do the writing, I soundtrack the essays. And the photos.

    This one gets LIFESTYLES OF THE LAPTOP CAFE. Classic of The label Warp.

  4. Jochen:



  5. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Look at the cover of the album … as Johnny Edgar writes:

    „The simple, direct sleeve art matches the album’s lush and often romantic mid-tempo take on Detroit techno. It’s low-key, yet with a sense of subdued optimism; what sounds at first like loose, muffled percussion reveals a quiet confidence on repeat listens. These aren’t Big Songs; they take their time seeping into the environment and into people’s lives.“

    I‘m sitting in an empty room with four of your photos from Maschsee on a big screen. Little loudspeakers, nearly invisible, seep into the room with the music of the Warp classic.

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