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2021 2 Mrz

distant wilco echo work (2011)

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like a fool I’m happy about the return of a favorite melody

rough noises in soft singsong

parking lots for kissing and strawberry fields

oh this (please!) never ending 12-minute song

here’s a nearly forgotten echo chamber of the Byrds in 1967

well-hung constantly searching (relaxed as a hammock)

hiding hiding in the present like a home! home! murmuring

strangely foreign body

drawing its friction and fire

from an oh so lovely & abysmal once upon a time  

and the hot-hearted somewhere somewhere


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  1. Martina Weber:

    One Sunday Morning – Klanghorizonte 11-2011, just started listening … and remember the song.

  2. Michael Engelbrecht:

    May not be one of their finest albums, but One Sunday Morning is glorious.

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