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2020 14 Feb

Bingewatch & Boredom at Electric Cinema

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Succession, season 2: a glorious descent into the abyss of rich, cynical and broken people, with the most sex-related dialogue ever, a class A diploma in black screwball comedy stylings – and a shocking showdown. Yes, you have to start with season 1   – ***** (amazon prime)


Giri / Haji, limited series: Tokyo and London, love lost, love found, flawed characters who try to cope with the nearly unbearable. An absolutely brilliant „crime-and-much-more“ story, with a ballet / dance sequence in the final episode Pina Bausch might deeply have been impressed by (I was) – ***** (netflix)


The Stranger, limited series: Based on a Harlan Coben crime novel, it is a good binge, with an excellent cast that guarantees moments  of depth the all too many storylines lack a bit – anyway, good stuff for a lazy weekend –  ***1/2 (netflix)


Marriage Story (movie) – Praised without end, this is, in my decent opinion, one of the most boring „art movies“ I‘ve seen in decades. And where‘s the comedy element you always read about here – I couldn‘t even smile once. And the drama? If complete boredom may be the way to enlightenment, as they say, then, please, guys, travel down the road of misery! – *1/2 (netflix)


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  1. Hans-Dieter Klinger:

    aus meinem video archiv (2)
    Pina Bausch und das Wuppertaler Tanztheater 1978
    Igor Stravinsky – Le Sacre du Printemps
    Uraufführung am 29. Mai 1913

  2. Jochen:

    Thanks for recommendations.

    I enjoyed Marriage Story – came into a flawless flow.

  3. Michael Engelbrecht:

    It‘s always a question of the flow.

    Other „hard core“ flow tests:

    Die schöne Querulantin
    24 Frames

    These ones worked fine for me.

    The following movies didn‘t allow me any flow in spite of all that critical acclaim:

    Before Sunrise (Linklater)
    Before Sunset (Linklater)
    Roma (Fellini)

  4. Arthur:

    Der Tsunami an Pwe – Filmen (praised without end) und sphinxartig-rätselhaften Oscarnominierungen nimmt exponential zu und zeitigt eine Menge verglotzte Lebenszeit und anschliessendes Grübeln über Geschmacksphänomene.

    Und die dem Ballett zwangsläufig innewohnende Theatralik stört hier niemanden?

  5. Sonator:

    Soll sie – die dem Ballett zwangsläufig innewohnende Theatralik – etwa stören?

    kapier ix nixt

  6. Jochen:

    @ Arthur

    Was mich oft stört, ist eine moralisch gefärbte Kritik am TV- und Filmkonsum.

    Positiv formuliert: ich freue mich über jeden, der die Errungenschaften der tele-visionären Revolution mitfeiert.

    @ Michael

    Giri / Haji: e x q u i s i t.

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