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2019 9 Mai

Der Vinyl-Detektiv

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Most enjoyable book I’ve read in a long while, Michael. Not because I’m a jazz fan … which I am. Not because I love good coffee, but dread grinding the beans … which I do. Not because I prefer the tactile, almost zen like process of playing vinyl records to CDs or MP3s … which I certainly do. Or that its primarily set in those parts of London where I spent much of my own youth hunting for those elusive, hard to find records … which I did.

Well maybe there’s a little of all that in why The Vinyl Detective hit a note with me. But the main reason is its fabulously enjoyable story, great plot, brilliant colourful characters, witty dialogue and humorous intrigue. So rare these days to come across a thriller with original protagonists and a story line set in such unconventional, but oh so fascinating, locations. It may not be high literature but its definitely high end entertainment.

Go for it, and, btw, I really love Joe Lovano‘s Trio Tapestry, best wishes, David! The book is out now in Germany, but it‘s an easy read in the original language, I think. Tell me what you think!

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Das ist die deutsche Ausgabe von The Vinyl Detective. Erschienen bei Suhrkamp, die endlich gute Kriminalromane veröffentlichen. Nun seit Jahren schon. Ich werde David beizeiten antworten. Ich kenne ihn aus Würzburger Zeiten.
    Er kommt aus Preston und lebt seit langem in London.

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