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2019 8 Mai

Facing the Unknown

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As for movies Harry Dean Stanton was the classical sideman. He played supporting roles amongst others in films directed by David Lynch, such as Wild at Heart, The Straight Story and Inland Empire. He played only two lead roles, one in Wim Wenders´ Paris, Texas, the other in Lucky, directed by John Carroll Lynch, who is not related to David Lynch. Lucky could also have been a documentary. It´s about an old man, 90 (give or take), living alone on the edge of a tiny town in the desert, high cacti in the front garden. Every day he starts with yoga exercises, he´s in good shape, lives his day with rituals. But he´s confronted with his mortality and seems helpless in dealing with it. You could call this the plot. Yep, it´s slow tempo, almost meditative, like the 100 years old tortoise Roosevelt walks somewhere around. It´s a film about letting things go (not to expect the tortoise returning) and looking at the danger with a smile. John Carroll Lynch talked about a moment when he and Harry just sat together in silence between two film shots and when the movie was finished (Harry didn´t experience the release of the film any more), someone gave Lynch a poster roll. It was the photo of that moment.

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