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2019 10 Mai

Underworld‘s Drift Series

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Friends of Karl Hyde and Underworld do have Christmas every week or so, cause regularly the band releases new material for free. A fascinating modus operandi, full of surprises, like the jam sessions with The Necks, for example. I still haven‘t followed it deep enough to have a clear opinion about the artistic success. But, yesterday, I heard this on, their new installment of the „Heart, ep. three“, and its slow motion soul vibe entranced me. I love it, I really like the way Karl Hyde is singing, murmuring, speaking. (m.e.)


„A mesmerizing drift into springtime; a journey across miles of open sands into tight city streets where neon blurs past the windscreen as night turns to day, this HEART beats to the sound of gorgeous hyperspace soul, metropolitan electro, scratched up ghostly radio transmissions and rumbling ultra heavy percussive techno.“


Underworld – „Dune“ (#DRIFT Ep.3 Pt.1)


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1 Kommentar

  1. Martina Weber:

    Very cool, especially the second part, when Karl Hyde sets in.

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