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2019 26 Mrz

ECM in 1977: Hubris

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Some of you have been waiting for it. Here’s my extensive „interview“ with Richie Beirach (one part of it, at least). Enjoy!


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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    That‘s a great performance – from all sides.

    And you know what? I missed this record. HUBRIS. Even the great cover is new to me. I know LOOKOUT FARM, of course. and ELM

    I have to get HUBRIS via Discogs.

    ((And I‘ll get it. From France))

    (((And I‘ll play it in my radio night in Cologne, in June)))


    And for the drama in it: things can go wrong when visions collide

  2. ijb:


    Es wird auch ein kleines Porträt geben über Lajos Keresztes, der das Coverfoto (in Griechenland) gemacht hat. Er ist schon ziemlich alt (geb. 1933 in Budapest) und lebt seit den 50ern in bzw. um Nürnberg. Er hat nicht viele ECM-Cover gemacht, aber eine Reihe von „Klassikern“ (und auch für andere Labels) – Gismonti „Dança Das Cabeças“, Metheny „Watercolors“, DeJohnette’s Directions „New Rags“, Vesala „Satu“, Burton Quartet + Weber „Passengers“ u.a.

  3. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Meanwhile I‘m in contact with Mr. Beirach. He clicked on the photo from 1977 and discovered the duo album he did with Liebman for Michael Cuscuna‘s Horizont label, close to Miles Davis‘ GET UP WITH IT.

    It‘s a little bit surreal that an artist sees a photo from where I lived in 1977, and can respond to it …

    … on the other hand, I would never have posted this Open Letter without a) your interview, and b) my memory of the old pale picture with FORGOTTEN FANTASIES on it.

    It‘s interesting. Musicians nearly never see photos from living rooms (and ancient times) where their music has obviously been played in …

  4. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Big Question: where are Mr. Klinger and Mr. Whistler (these well sounding names) – they would go miles and miles to see this doc 😂

    Hopefully Brian W. And his better half are not lost in the Northern ECM territory of Oslo …

  5. Jochen:

    A delicious inside story. The outlined conflict between ME and RB is highly interesting – because both were right from their point of view. That Manfred Eicher was downcasted „as if his sister had just died“ – I can emphasize this.

    It also makes sense that RB saw this incident as an absolute „no go“, as a restriction against his way of playing. ECM is great but it´s not everything.

    Respect for Richie Beirach.

  6. Jan:

    No problem, I think. It’s not the musician’s job to deliver what the producer has in mind, even if the producer might be disappointed not to receive what he imagines. I’m sure that in the end ME is professional enough to know this.

    “Eon”, by the way, is a great record.

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