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2018 10 Mai

„We Get By“

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    On 19th July an expanded version of Apollo will be released to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landings. Alongside the original Apollo album remastered by Abbey Road’s Miles Showell will be a new vinyl disc/CD/assemblage of audio data called For All Mankind – not the film, but eleven new instrumental compositions by Daniel Lanois, Roger Eno and Brian Eno, with Brian producing, co-writing and contributing to all the tracks:

    ‘The End Of A Thin Cord’ (4:08) – Brian Eno
    ‘Capsule’ (3:13) – Daniel Lanois
    ‘At The Foot Of A Ladder’ (3:35) – Brian Eno
    ‘Waking Up’ (2:29) – Roger Eno
    ‘Clear Desert Night’ (3:11) – Brian Eno
    ‘Over The Canaries’ (4:41) – Brian Eno
    ‘Last Step From The Surface’ (3:58) – Daniel Lanois
    ‘Fine-grained’ (3:34) – Daniel Lanois
    ‘Under The Moon’ (3:10) – Roger Eno
    ‘Strange Quiet’ (4:09) – Roger Eno
    ‘Like I Was A Spectator’ (4:23) – Brian Eno

  2. Rosato:

    different types of boredom


    es langweilt mich

    ich langweile mich

  3. Wolfram Gekeler:

    worse types of boredom

    ich bin langweilig
    ich bin ein Langweiler

    Olymp bewahre!

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