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Hills, woods burning. The genre of catastrophy movies has its obvious limitations, heroes are born, and heroes die. At first there is peace, and then everything turns to dust and crumble. This American movie is different, it is exceptional. Certain great works of cinema don‘t need the experimental touch, even the soundtrack (with some ass-kicking rock’n’roll, overflow and dignity in right measures) moves along well-known parameters. The camera work is incredible, the acting superb, the story told with much love for details – and big panorama. Jeff Bridges is the good spirit in the background – when he picks up his guitar and sings a beautiful song, you could start to believe in happy endings. Get lost, dear reader, you might have a lesson to learn – and don‘t tell me you have a problem with „heroes“, they are all flawed and cursed – nothing to bless but fading memories, and the will to love!


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