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2018 20 Apr

A Night at the Radio (Deutschlandfunk)

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(First Hour) Yo La Tengo: There‘s A Riot Going On / Terminal Sound System: The Endless Sea (2 tracks) / Venetian Snares and Daniel Lanois / Anna von Hausswolff: Dead Magic / Venetian Snares and Daniel Lanois / Prairie: After The Flash Flood (2 tracks) 



(Second Hour) Dave Liebman, Adam Rudolph & Tatsuya Nakatani: The Unknowable / Splashgirl: Sixth Sense / National Jazz Trio of Scotland: Standards Vol. IV (three tracks) / Jakob Bro: Returnings / Elena Duni: Partir / Frode Haltli: Avant Folk / Elena Duni: Partir / Mathias Eick: Ravensburg / Amandus Schaap & Evert Kramer: Done (s. photo)


(Third Hour) – „The Quiet Spaces of Suffolk – Roger Eno‘s music“ – taken from his albums between 1985 and 2017, including, in non-linear sequences, „Voices“, „This Floating World“, „Swimming“, „Ted Sheldrake“, „Lost In Translation“, „Between Tides“, „The Flatlands“, and tracks from the compilation „Little Things Left Behind (1988-1998)


(Fourth Hour – Time Travel 1) – Shankar: Vision (1984) / Mabrak: Drum Talk (Jamaika, 1976:  In terms of smoked-out after midnight vibes, it’s about as close as you’ll come to the deeply cherished reissue of the Dadawah album „Peace and Love“ in Dug Out’s catalogue) / Soul Jazz Presents: German Elektronische Musik Vol. 3 (1971-1981) / Plastikman:   Consumed


(Fifth Hour – Time Travel 2) – Donovan: Wear Your Love Like Heaven (1967) / Boards of Canada: Music Is The Right To Children (April 1988) & Campfire Headphase (2006) / / Roberto Musci: Tower of Silence & one more track from Yo La Tengo (the „underwater horn lamento“:))



The fifth hour starts (surprisingly) with a Donovan song from 1967 and sets the tone for some reflections on the 20th anniversary of Boards of Canada‘s „Music Has The Right To Children“.  I keep things short, and everybody who, by this show, has discovered or re-discovered his love for that 1998 classic, can go deeper by reading two essays by Mark Richardson and Simon Reynolds.


„Reach a certain age and you notice a peculiar thing: your thoughts frequently get interrupted by non sequitur memory images, seemingly insignificant but disconcertingly vivid. It’s as if your overstuffed brain is calling up ancient files with a view to deleting for space.“

(S.R. on Boards of Canada‘s „Campfire Headphase“)


The last twenty minutes of the long night dive into Roberto Musci‘s „Tower Of Silence“ (an excellent compilation of the label with the telling title „Music From Memory“). For many listeners Roberto Musci will be a treat, and they will ask themselves (as I did): „How come I never heard of him?“


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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    The final list will be completed after the radio night.

  2. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Now, every hour will carry a different colour. The first one will be CALIFORNIA NOIR, a mix of dark organ drones, post-apocalyptic outposts, burning cities and remote prairies. In a fucked-up world, art still can be mirror and hammer. The narrator at the microphone reads from a Steve Erickson novel, sings his praise of „Seven Seconds“ and „Paradox“ (both on Netflix), and he is proud to have some „Denovali Doom“ in the mix. Even Mr. Lanois is moving on a strange path.

    The second hour is lighter in character, presenting a sequence of tracks „a la recherche du temps perdu“. Memory is quite an uncanny phenomenon, and a recurring theme of the night‘s five hours. With a nod to some excellent ECM and Hubro stuff, a little masterpiece from Glasgow and some intimate sounding exotica, let‘s call this hour NORTHERN COBALT BLUE.

    The third hour is the „close-up“, and dedicated to the quiet spaces of East Anglia. It is dedicated to the works of Roger Eno, and W.G. Sebald’s „Suffolk travel book“ will have another, a final appearance in the story of the „Klanghorizonte“. DUNWICH UMBRA is the working title. Enophiles may pick up their copy of Brian Eno’s „On Land“ and timetravel to autumn 1960. Safe Journey!

    The fourth hour is kind of free form radio and hopefully makes sense. What do they have in common: an Indian violin player, a tabla player from the hinterland of Kingston, Jamaica, and a far traveling bunch of German „Drop-Outs“, music ethnologists by passion? You will see, in that special hour called FOURTH WORLD ORANGE.

    As always, the fifth hour consists of two sections separated by news and comments on the world‘s latest happenings. Again this thing called „fragile memory“ comes into play, faded memory, distant memory, oblivion. We will look back (with joy and melancolia nicely balanced) to one of the most psychedelic records of the 90s (ups, from Scotland again!), and we will open up a chapter of a Dutch record label devoted to „music from memory“.

    It is not yet sure, if Donovan will sing a song, dating back to the summer of love, but that last hour is surely titled FADING HIGHLAND GREEN. No hour of the night will be podcasted here, but the playlist, with some links, will be on our blog on on Friday evening. A kind of „soundmap“, to the friendly knowledge.

  3. Michael Engelbrecht:

    The program will be broadcasted live and tomorrow, from 1.05 a.m till 6.00 a.m., middle european time (MEZ)

    You can find a live streaming of Radionacht Klanghorizonte on

  4. Olaf:

    Alles klar. Roberto Music wird bestellt, schon bevor ich die Sendung gehört habe. Dabei ist Richard Horvitz vom letzten mal noch gar nicht angekommen …

  5. Brian Whistler:

    Wow, what an eclectic mix! Will try to catch some of this. An curious about this Roberto Musci …

  6. Jan Reetze:

    Das hört sich sehr gut an. Bleibt nur zu hoffen, dass nicht wieder irgendwer gegen einen Verteilerkasten fährt und der Strom oder das Internet ausfällt wie letztesmal.

  7. Michael Engelbrecht:

    I was so tired in the end that I simply forgot to tell anything about the last track of the last hour, I don‘t think a lot of listeners use this playlist as „map“. In fact it was a very „aquatic“ piece from Yo La Tengo‘s latest album ‚There‘s A Riot Going On‘. Every Yo La Tengo album is a time travel through real and imaginary record collections (and inventive at the same time). So it made sense to start and end the long night with the trio from Hoboken.

    In the last two weeks I rediscovered the Boards of Canada classic from 1998. In my ears it has aged so well, and can create the same sense of wonder it had to offer in the old century.

    The other ‚electro track‘ (album) I played after reading Martina‘s review of Steve Erickson‘s „Amnesiascope“, had been released nearly at the same span of time as the BoC work (April/May 1998). Normally I‘m not the musical anniversary guy, haha, but jumping backwards and forwards in time, produces funny results. I discovered Plastikman‘s album CONSUMED via Martina and Ingo, and, after the intensity of that crossover-marathon before, this hypnotic music worked fine.

    There have been some little technical problems in this night, but at least the first hour was full of celestial harmonies :):)

    (One of the misfits was „the dying needle“ on the second long Shankar track with Garbarek and Mikkelborg – „Vision“ is a great album. So let me assure you, in case you heard some distortions, it was NOT your radio, it was NOT the ECM vinyl, it WAS a slightly damaged record player. Sorry for that, guys.)

  8. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Compared with 1993’s stark, acidic Sheet One and 1994’s undulating Muzik, Consumed borders on silent. Richie Hawtin’s wobbling TB-303 lines are still present, almost, but gone is the rhythmic clatter of ‘Gak’ or ‘Spastik’, replaced by cavernous reverb and spine-chilling minimalist drones. Make no mistake, Consumed is barely dance music, it’s a hypnotic, progressive inversion of acid house tropes, spiked with Artificial Intelligence-era ambience and sci-fi paranoia. If its predecessors embraced the party, Consumed exemplified the comedown.

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