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2018 15 Apr

The unexpected virtue of ignorance (uncut)

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Wanna go to the theatre tonight? You prefer the movies? You like books, too? Well, in this film you are in a Broadway theatre, but in fact it´s a movie about a theatre play based on one of the most famous short stories by Raymond Carver. In the café bar next to the theatre sits Mrs. Dickinson from the New York Times and she said she´d write the worst critic ever. I went by bike to the DVD-shop, I just knew the film´s title, “Birdman”, a pure recommendation without any comment but “it´s about artists´ life and I really liked it”, and during the first minutes of the film I recognized the director from the plot´s energy and the camerawork and the way every actor affected the next line of the other. Film music´s just drums, solo drums. Oh, and Mrs. Dickinson critic was the best she ever wrote. But nowadays it´s not a critic in the New York Times which makes one famous, isn´t it?


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  1. Jochen:

    It´s funny, but I like reading texts where people ride bikes :)

    Gruß von einer unbekannten indonesischen Inselgruppe


  2. Martina Weber:

    There are bikes on that island, too, Jochen! :)

  3. Brian Whistler:

    Antonio Sanchez did the score, which was 99% drums. Incidentally, that was actually him as the street drummer in one scene.

    Saw him perform the score with the film live @ SF Jazz Center about 3 years ago or so. I asked him how he made certainly hits happen since he was improvising. He told me he had created a way of counting in his head based on visual cues in order to feel the moment for a key hit. It was very intuitive. He sounded great that night, pulling it off beautifully. Although it was not the same as the original soindtr@ck of course, as it was essentially an improvised score.

  4. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Strange, surreal movie with a fantastic drummer!

    Like WHIPLASH, another jazzfuelled classic.

  5. Jochen:

    I also like reading comments where Antonio Sanchez is mentioned ;)

  6. Michael Engelbrecht:

    The new Antonio Sanchez is a wild beast. It is one of those „jazz“ albums I would love to listen to in surround. Sitting there surrounded by drums.

  7. Brian Whistler:

    Are you talking about the new one with the WDR big band? It’s not released yet here.

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