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2018 15 Apr

Aby Vulliamy

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I was completley stunned when I listened to her two or three appearances on one of the most moving and deep musical experiences i‘ve had in recent times, it took some time to fully realize that STANDARDS VOL. 4 (well, no decent standards, thanks god, no Tin Pan Alley at all, grateful for that) by the, haha, „National Jazz Trio of Scotland“, Mister Wells‘ unique work in progress, is an absolute masterpiece, or, if you think I‘m slightly over the top here, or carried away by enhusiasm, at least it is „a masterpiece of its kind“, and Robert Wyatt would surely be deeply touched and impressed, by a song album that knows so different layers of surface simplicity, and darkness inside. Thank you for the record, Mr. Wells. And, me oh my, the wonderful singer / vocalist at your side! And the art of crescendo!


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  1. Rosato:
    JINGLE BELLS (haha …)

    STANDARDS VOL. 4 taste excellent

  2. Brian Whistler:

    Will definitely check this out.

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