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2018 5 Apr

ECM – Double Take (prelude)

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This will be a new series, and nearly everyone can contribute. The double review of Jakob Bro and Yo la Tengo (the albums of this month) maybe strange, on first sight, but makes sense. This forthcoming series does not imply extended reviews, but short reflections on two (!) new, old, ancient, whatever ECM albums of your choice. It can include personal memories, memories of first listening experiences, a change of perception within years, quotes of other reviews, fictional elements. My first text will be about two Gary Peacock albums, „Voice from the Past“, and „Guamba“. The first one is one from my 100 favourite ECM albums of all time, the second one a record I have simply lost – now having to rely on pale memory only. Interesting. Gregor, for example, could make some „Plattenschrank Openers“ with this „Double Take“ as second title :)


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