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Kate Sudgen


»She’s as good as people like Liz Fraser«, Mr. Wells says, and he adds: »It’s almost like her voice sounds like it’s double tracked without it being double tracked, like Gerry Rafferty or Robert Wyatt. There’s a graininess to it.«


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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    You can hear her singing in my Radionacht Klanghorizonte, on April 21st, after 1.05 after midnight, the start of the record store day. Apart from that, she‘s part of the incredible album of the month of May, here on Manafonistas.

    Bill Wells is the mastermind of National Jazz Trio of Scotland.

  2. Alex:

    Just for the record. Die Frau heißt Kate Sugden. Und sie hat in der Tat eine ganz großartige, glasklare, knabenhafte Stimme. Sie war die Leadsängerin auf dem 2018er Album Standards Vol. IV des bereits genannten National Jazz Trio of Scotland.

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