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2018 30 Mrz

Clarice Jensen – „For This From That Will Be Filled“

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Diese interessante, hörenswerte Platte erscheint am 6.4.2018. Man kann sie auf schon jetzt hören.

Dazu Tom Huizenga:


Cellist Clarice Jensen says the music on her debut solo album solicits „meditation and disorientation“ — two words that, while not mutually exclusive, seem to suggest both a remedy for, and the reality of, a complicated world. On For this from that will be filled, Jensen extends the voice of the solo cello using loops, electronic effects and the thoughtful layering of textures and sounds. It might be labeled an ambient album, but the music isn’t always conventionally pretty. It’s not audio comfort food meant to induce a beatific smile or numb the mind. In its somber way, the album acknowledges an increasingly loud world while offering a safe harbor of drones topped with soaring, long-lined melodies. It actually does adhere to one of the tenets of ambient music, as spelled out by Brian Eno 40 years ago on his classic Music for Airports, in that it accommodates „many levels of listening attention without enforcing one in particular.“

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1 Comment

  1. Uli Koch:

    Danke, Gregor! Grossartiger Tipp einer Musik die viele überraschende Momente und unglaubliche Tiefe enthält.
    Liebe Julia Kent und vieles von Zoe Keating, woran mich Clarice Jensen zeitweilig etwas erinnert. Wunderbar.

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