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2017 12 Dez

Automatic for the People

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„Culturally, 1992 in America was not an easy place to be. We’d been through 12 years of politically the darkest era America had ever seen with Reagan, Bush and AIDS. I think the record was a response to that. I wanted to make a record about loss, transition and death — the biggest transition we all know.“

Michael Stipe, Automatic Unearthed


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  1. Lajla Nizinski:

    Es ist wirklich interessant, dass wir eher die Nixon Ära als die schlimmste Zeit erinnern. Die Doors sangen den ultimativen Endsong: „When the Music is over“

    Ingo, vielleicht ist der belgische Filmkünstler ein Treff in der Mitte :)

    Johan Grimonprez „Dial History“ oder „How to rewind your Dog“

  2. Anonymous:

    „darkest era America had ever seen “
    ich finde dass die Sklaverei und die „Ausrottung“ der Indianer deutlich schlimmer waren.

  3. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Robert Wyatt schrueb den grossartigen Song

    the united states of amnesia

    american history is a history that moves from one dark area to another

    By the way, Automatic for the people was the one album of REM i have really liked as a whole …

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