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2016 3 Sep

Desire Lines – a list for the Punkt audience

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The Music (in sequence):
01) Bo Hansson: Sagan Om Ringen

02) King Creosote & Jon Hopkins: Diamond Mine

03) Brian Eno: On Land

04) John Surman: Road To St.Ives

05) Darren Hayman: Thankful Villages Vol. 1

06) Trygve Seim/ Andreas Utnam: Purcor

07) Peter Broderick: Partners

08) Rolf Lislevand: La Mascarade

09) Scott Walker: The Childhood Of A Leader

10) Ian William Craig: Centers

11) The Kinks: Dandy

The Lonesome Coast Collection:
1) David Bowie: Blackstar

2) Brian Eno: Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)

3) Van Morrison: Astral Weeks

4) Bo Hansson: (see above)

„That was quite a strange Highlands drive you took Michael. I’ve never heard Bo Hansson’s Lord of the Rings and indeed know nothing about it. But what a nice group of albums. I’ve never owned a car in my life, and the only regret I’ve had is that I therefore haven’t been able to drive off into the mountains and listen to music. There’s something about the confinement and concentration of a car interior that makes it an especially good place for listening. I think it’s also that the music really occupies the space of the car three-dimensionally, so you’re really inside the experience ( – it’s not happening on a sort of stereo ’screen‘ in front of you). / I also love David’s last album. In the light of his death it becomes quite heroic that he got it done. He wrote to me a few days before he died … we had been talking in the last couple of years about revisiting the album OUTSIDE which was a sort of unfinished project. Or perhaps I should say a ‚half-finished‘ project. It’s clear to me that he knew he was about to die – and that he decided to be as active and creative with it as he would with any other piece of art. Very inspiring. / Have you heard Julia Holter’s new release on Domino Records? It’s very impressive.“



The Books:
1) Kevin Barry: Beatlebone

2) Robert Macfarlane: Places of Wilderness
The Movie:
„From The Sea To The Land Beyond“

(a documentary by Penny Woolcock on hundred years of coastal life in Great Britain; music) 

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    King Creosote has a new album out today. Dave Simpson writes in The Guardian:

    Fife singer Kenny Anderson’s breakthrough 2014 album, From Scotland With Love, was essentially a stirring love letter to his homeland. The follow-up continues his creative roll, and recording in the Isle of Mull and County Down has given the album a real Celtic swing: you can almost smell the Highlands in the harps, cellos and bagpipes.

    The songs swing from cosmic and ethereal to mischievously earthy: Anderson sings about wind turbines and the constellation of Orion, plus love, lust and a hint of bondage, and there are some rollicking one-liners: “Her jealous accusations know no bounds / Scarlett Johansson was never in the house.”

    In the gloriously anthemic Love Life, Cupid’s arrow whacks him in the eye; Peter Rabbit Tea finds him crafting his baby daughter’s gurgle into orchestral magnificence. In this form, as a Scottish predecessor once sang, everything is possible.

  2. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Robert Macfarlanes Buch gibt es auch in deutscher Übersetzung: „Karte der Wildnis“. Nicht weniger gut: „Alte Wege“

    Der Film von Penny Woolcock ist auf DVD erhältlich. Es gibt auch eine Version mit DVD und CD (letztere enthält den gelungenen Soundtrack von British Sea Power) – ich habe den Film in der reinen Stummfilmversion laufen lassen.

  3. Michael Engelbrecht:


    Barry is giving us a vanitas on fame and celebrity. Remember the date is 1978. The real-life endgame will be played out very soon“ (SPECTATOR)

    „As ever with Barry, the dialogue is a joy, tapping into a rich vein of humorous melancholy . . . this is a sharp, likeable book that moves deftly between warm comedy and a grimmer concern with Lennon’s parentless childhood with the ‚dead love stories‘ that ‚make us'“ (SUNDAY TIMES)

    „A profound, mad and intriguing novel. Too often novels about great artists shy away from attending to those very creative processes that made them great. Beatlebone is a committed, brutal portrait“ (LITERARY REVIEW)

    „The kind of next-level literature that inspires, even incites another generation of natural-born wordsmiths to write big and bold“ (THE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW)

    „There’s music to Barry’s prose: Smart rhythms dart through his sentences; taut bridges join his paragraphs; the tinge of hysteria serves to animate his characters and their surroundings. His dialogue is whimsical, sometimes hilarious, catching the idiom of the local life, and, in Beatlebone, nailing John Lennon, the wittiest and darkest Beatle, spot on“ (SLATE)

    „A genius of the language, teasing out impressionistic riffs that channel emotion into words“ (LOS ANGELES TIMES)

    „Beatlebone is glorious, savoury stuff ? part lark, part meditation, and a tiny part excavation“ (BOSTON GLOBE)

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