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The Music (in sequence):
01) Bo Hansson: Sagan Om Ringen

02) King Creosote & Jon Hopkins: Diamond Mine

03) Brian Eno: On Land

04) John Surman: Road To St.Ives

05) Darren Hayman: Thankful Villages Vol. 1

06) Trygve Seim/ Andreas Utnam: Purcor

07) Peter Broderick: Partners

08) Rolf Lislevand: La Mascarade

09) Scott Walker: The Childhood Of A Leader

10) Ian William Craig: Centers

11) The Kinks: Dandy

The Lonesome Coast Collection:
1) David Bowie: Blackstar

2) Brian Eno: Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)

3) Van Morrison: Astral Weeks

4) Bo Hansson: (see above)

„That was quite a strange Highlands drive you took Michael. I’ve never heard Bo Hansson’s Lord of the Rings and indeed know nothing about it. But what a nice group of albums. I’ve never owned a car in my life, and the only regret I’ve had is that I therefore haven’t been able to drive off into the mountains and listen to music. There’s something about the confinement and concentration of a car interior that makes it an especially good place for listening. I think it’s also that the music really occupies the space of the car three-dimensionally, so you’re really inside the experience ( – it’s not happening on a sort of stereo ’screen‘ in front of you). / I also love David’s last album. In the light of his death it becomes quite heroic that he got it done. He wrote to me a few days before he died … we had been talking in the last couple of years about revisiting the album OUTSIDE which was a sort of unfinished project. Or perhaps I should say a ‚half-finished‘ project. It’s clear to me that he knew he was about to die – and that he decided to be as active and creative with it as he would with any other piece of art. Very inspiring. / Have you heard Julia Holter’s new release on Domino Records? It’s very impressive.“



The Books:
1) Kevin Barry: Beatlebone

2) Robert Macfarlane: Places of Wilderness
The Movie:
„From The Sea To The Land Beyond“

(a documentary by Penny Woolcock on hundred years of coastal life in Great Britain; music) 

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