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2016 20 Feb

„ORTE OHNE SELBST“ (P. Sloterdijk)

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Duesseldorf goes underground. Today. Why didn’t they named the new line: KRAFTWERK Metro? Why „Wehrhahnlinie?“ Sounds terribly – „defensecock“ – even worse. So „put on your helmet“, when you come to La Duesseldorf. Even The Guardian mentioned the neue U-Bahn. And it is truely worth to be mentioned. When you visit the 6 new stations, you think you are everywhere linked to a white leatherskin of a crocodile: brilliant idea! But before you enter at all, you stumble over a crypitcal wordchaine, which you try to read. You manage to figure out some words like: “ … leert sich Fuelle …“.

While riding on the train you think, what could these words mean. You get off on the next stop and you seem to fall into a green river. Green waters are floating down and up? The staircases. You feel like swimming in a huge bubble. You are drifting further in the brave new world and you whisper: „This is a timeless ride to paradise. Where are we, when we are? To which planet do we belong?“ Next stop is called: Himmel oben, Himmel unten. You beam your spaceship towards silverwalls and you watch Saturn and Pluto flying by. Inside yourself you cry with Jim Morrison: What have they done to our fair system?

You get confused, you get off at next stop, hoping to return to the old world, but then you just regret that you left your 3D glasses beside your laptop at home. Hell, what is this? From what am I surrounded? You concentrate on a simulated white band, which you think it will lead you, but still you get lost, the changing of white and black drives you nuts, you don’t want to stay here, you run outside. You close your eyes, you feel the ground, you enhale the smoke of an old tram railing by. You are back in the future.


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  1. Jan Reetze:

    Klingt sehr sehenswert, wenn man von Namen wie „Wehrhahn“ oder „pempelfort“ mal absieht …

    Hier die heutige SZ dazu …

  2. Lajla:

    Ja absolut sehenswert. Wann im Leben hat man schon mal die Chance, menschenleere Fotos in einer neuen U-Bahn machen zu können.

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