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2015 25 Sep

Nic Pizzolatto’s second installment of „True Detective“

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„The first season was indebted to the tropes of Southern Gothic and weird fiction, with Flannery O’Connor and Robert W. Chambers the touchstones. The second went full-bore in its homages to the salacious, vintage pulp noir realm, unabashedly playing up that genre’s cynical character archetypes, hazy plots, abundant betrayals, and seedy venues. About the only thing unifying both seasons was Pizzolatto’s distinctive voice, crafting an oppressively dark tone and a nihilistic or misanthropic worldview often communicated via his characters’ philosophical dialogue. Well, that and the fact that each character exists as a damned soul with varying shades of fucked-ups, drinking Jameson en masse and chain-smoking Camel lights.“ (Colin Waterman, popmatters) 

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Seems to be real fun for the whole family!

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