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2015 26 Sep

The Third Parallel Reading Adventure

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Sounds like a threat? Anyone still exhausted remembering long nights with Thomas Pynchon in the black zones of the internet? Now here comes a genre-hopping list of books that might work as an autumnal pleasure for common reading experiences. Two persons would be fine as a point of departure, but then … which novel? Some even have not been published yet. Who cares? Imaginary Day of the first page: November, 10th.


Anthony Doerr: Alles Licht, Das Wir Nicht Sehen (German, English) // Ann Cleeves: Thin Air („Shetlands only“) // John Williams: Butcher’s Crossing (English / German) // David Mitchell: Slade House (forthcoming, English only) // Rupert Thomson: Katherine Carlyle (forthcoming, English only) // Joe R. Lansdale: Paradise Sky (English) … 


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  1. Ian M:

    Doerr’ll do for me.

  2. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Sure? Might be a bit old-fashioned for your taste:) – judging from intuition and what I’ve heared about it… Remember your last traumatic „parallel experience“….

  3. Ian M:

    Haha, not traumatic. I enjoyed not enjoying it.

  4. Michael Engelbrecht:


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