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Does your creativity boost in a coffee shop atmosphere, but there is no café around? No problem, on you can choose between morning murmur (gentle hum), lunchtime lounge (bustling chatter) and university undertones (scholarly sounds). Imagine the surreal feeling to listen to these sounds in an empty café.

2015 28 Jul

Music For Church Cleaners

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„Solo organ works in modern music are extremely rare, and especially improvised performances, such as this one by Irish harpist Áine O’Dwyer. She was given access to the pipe organ in St Mark’s Church in Islington, UK, „while the cleaners were at work“, hence the title of the album.

I am not an organ fan, I don’t like the pompous and dramatic multiphonic dynamics of it, of this first kind of acoustic synthesizer, the overpowering and religious connotations of the instrument, reminiscent of the so dreaded realm of falsehood, fakery and kitsch of childhood church experiences.

Yet to O’Dwyer’s credit, she plays the instrument quietly, slowly and reverently, using the church’s space as an inspiration. The ambient sounds of the church, not only cleaners, but also visitors and children give the overall sound a special dimension, one that is not out there in the stratosphere and even higher heavens, but one that is close to earth, contrasting sharply with the surroundings.

I like it a lot, despite my bias against the instrument.“


2015 28 Jul

Inside the loop and other states of „Eden“

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the trailer


„… an excellent film about states of trance and ambient fields that you might love even if your French house and garage music passion does not really exist.“ (m.e.)

2015 28 Jul

Don’t Hassel The Hoff!

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There might be something smart-alec-like about telling readers a memory with totally cool classics that soundtracked your teenage years, so it might help to add a guilty pleasure. It happened in the 80’s. I belonged to millions who looked „Knight Rider“ on TV. Starring Michael Hasselhoff. And I wasn’t 12 years old anymore.  Some remember: a car that speaks, „a man who makes a difference“. He did „Baywatch“, too. And started a career as a rock musician. After „Knight Rider“, I stopped following his paths, but I have to confess, though it was totally ridiculous, I liked the pure escapism of the stories with the intelligent car being your best buddy. There was nothing subversive. Counter-culture was a millon miles away, it was all childish. Now, „The Hoff“ is back. David Hasselhoff arrives in England to reinvent himself as a serious film actor by starring in an avant-garde biopic about his own life. A fantastic and very funny way to reflect the traps, the chaos, the rock bottom. Demon alcohol. The downward spiral. First and last season, six episodes. Titled: „Hoff The Record“. Fucking brilliant, but you only can enjoy it full circle, in case you once had seen at least some episodes of „Knight Rider“.

There might be something macho about playing the guitar, even pretending playing a guitar which means playing an air guitar, and Alina Westphal, winner of the air guitar world championship 2011, explains the reason why most woman wouldn´t dare playing an air guitar, it´s simply cause they might not look as good as they are expected to do while performing their show. Those who were invited to the finale in Finland in 2014 first had to play the air guitar one minute to a song they had elected, thus a studied performance, and then they had to improvise to a song they did not know before. 2014´s winner was a young Japanese woman, Nanami Nagura. In all contests (poetry, music, air guitar, whatever) you as a visitor or as a jury member – you feel the winner, maybe not the second one or the third one, but the first one. Something happens, something has changed in the air.

A short film about the air guitar world championship in Finland in 2014 …

Read the blog in Cafe Leiss. American Breakfast. Electronic Calendars. Beat poetry. Django Reinhardt. Conny & Duke. The weather is fun, clouds, rain, sunny periods. I was taking a bath the other day, and I was shortly reminded of my Portugese swim accident last year – a soft flashback, but, for a second,  I looked behind my back, no black cliff, for god’s sake. I have an old acquaintance here who introduced me to Riley Walker’s new album „Primrose Green“, a fresh take on 70’s folk with some jazz vibes and psychedelic colouring.  The spirit of Tim Buckley. Tim had loved Keith Jarrett’s solo albums. A lot of great folk pioneers were testing borders, and loved the territories of free improvisations. It’s amazing to listen to a vinyl album on an island that is – in my case – flooded with teenager memories of romantic feelings, yearning & insecurity – and a Dual record player with a panoramic view to the sea. Like inside an early Wim Wenders movie. In that time, long gone, the records that entered (let’s call it that way for a moment) „my soul“ (fragile, breakable, agnostic) were all treasures: Blue, Dis, Sgt. Pepper, A Love Supreme, Face To Face, Liege and Lief, The Harder They Come.

2015 28 Jul

For a guitar (Riley Walker says)

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There’s something macho about guitars that I hate – this bullshit associated with the advertising for Gibson and Fender – guys playing like this (makes pained face). Guild make great guitars, they’re handcrafted and they sound amazing. It’s a guitar that can sit in your house for 30 years, and you can just pick it up and play it. Working-class guitars for working-class people. Mine’s beat to shit, it got some miles on it. It has a resale value of nothing. I’ve dropped it, scratched it up a bunch, thrown it across a stage – not in anger, you should only throw a guitar in celebration – but it holds up. It’s a warhorse, man! You can be on the highway doing 80 miles an hour, go „Fuck it“ and throw it out, and it’ll still come back going „I got one more song, man!“ I know the inside and the outside of that guitar, but it’s filthy. I think if I cleaned it, I’d lose it all. For recording I use a pickup, and i’ve a couple of mics trained on it. The pickup goes through an old amp which is mic’d up. I love the sound of the amp, it gives it some urrrgghh! It’s like the old cousin singing alongside the great tenor. You gotta have a mixture of those two worlds, I think.


A short film about Riley Walker …

2015 28 Jul

Breakfast in America

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2015 28 Jul

The Electronic Calendar

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„I live alone, like pith in a tree,
My teeth rattle, like musical instruments.
In one ear a spider spins it’s web of eyes,
In the other a cricket chirps all night,
This is the end.
Which art, that proves my glory has brought me.
I would die for Poetry.“


Jeder aus der Beatgeneration kennt das Gedicht HOWL von Allen Ginsberg. Wenigen ist Bob Kaufmann in Erinnerung. Er (1925-86) war der einzige Schwarze unter den Dichtern der Beatniks. Seine Nähe zum Jazz, er nannte seinen Sohn Parker, spürt man auf in seinen Gedichten. Seine ästhetische Quelle war Miles Davis. Er improvisierte meist frei und laut … Er rief seine Gedichte in die Fenster von North Beach/S.F. hinein …

Gestern Abend sah ich einen Film über den Maler Henry Lautrec im belgischen TV. Ich dachte an Bob Kaufman, den man auch wegen seiner Possen und Originalität für verrückt erklärte und wie Lautrec eine Elektroschocktherapie aufzwang.

Was für feine drives und illusions in seinen Gedichten herrschen:

„O man in inner basement core of me, maroon obliteration smelling future of green anticipated comings, pasts denied, now time to thwart time, time to frieze illusionary motion on far imagined walls, stopped bleeding moon dial clocks, booming out dead hours – gone … gone … gone … gone …“ (poem SECOND APRIL)


Als Bob Kaufmann starb, spielte KJAZ, der Jazz Sender von San Francisco nur Stücke von Charlie Parker.

And now let’s jump on the FLYING MUSHROOMS von Carsten Höller and fly to  L.A., um unsere Musicmind zu erweitern, genauer gesagt zu Drew Lesso. Was für einen großartig vorzeigbaren Bogen hat er von der Beatmusik bis zur Computermusik gespannt.

Drew Less ist 1949 in Pittsburgh (?) geboren. Er beherrscht alle Musikrichtungen. Sein Studium bei Stockhausen, sein Interesse für Astronomie und PCS waren ausschlaggebend für das, was er heute ist: a computer music composer. Er komponiert, was er in der visuellen Art weltweit sieht.

Wer sich für Algorithmus Musik interessiert, sollte in die Welt von www.drew Almost music eintauchen … – Eine hoffentlich vielversprechende Anregung.

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