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2015 28 Jul

Don’t Hassel The Hoff!

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There might be something smart-alec-like about telling readers a memory with totally cool classics that soundtracked your teenage years, so it might help to add a guilty pleasure. It happened in the 80’s. I belonged to millions who looked „Knight Rider“ on TV. Starring Michael Hasselhoff. And I wasn’t 12 years old anymore.  Some remember: a car that speaks, „a man who makes a difference“. He did „Baywatch“, too. And started a career as a rock musician. After „Knight Rider“, I stopped following his paths, but I have to confess, though it was totally ridiculous, I liked the pure escapism of the stories with the intelligent car being your best buddy. There was nothing subversive. Counter-culture was a millon miles away, it was all childish. Now, „The Hoff“ is back. David Hasselhoff arrives in England to reinvent himself as a serious film actor by starring in an avant-garde biopic about his own life. A fantastic and very funny way to reflect the traps, the chaos, the rock bottom. Demon alcohol. The downward spiral. First and last season, six episodes. Titled: „Hoff The Record“. Fucking brilliant, but you only can enjoy it full circle, in case you once had seen at least some episodes of „Knight Rider“.

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