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2015 14 Jun

Ornette three drei

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Ornette, he has gone. He changed our way of listening …

„I have always wanted to have more rhythm. Rhythm doesn´t have any parents and doesn´t have a style either. It just changes everything that touches it equally. You can´t dominate rhythm. Some call it the upbeat or the downbeat, but you either have to find a way to relate to it or let it pass.“

from Ornette´s conversation with WAX POETICS’ John Kruth to read H E R E
Ornette ist es stets gelungen, so über Klang und Musik zu reden, dass letztere nicht festnagelbar waren!

It´s quite strange that the German obituaries don´t mention or deal with Ornette´s work with Joachim Kühn … Reasons?
A chronological selection of audio/video of recordings you can find HERE

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1 Comment

  1. Henning Bolte:

    Ornette zugeschrieben:
    „Sound can change things you would never imagine.“
    „Sound is eternal but means something different to everyone.“
    Quelle: …

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