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2015 9 Mrz

Not Only For Jazz Lovers (Paolo Fresu, Matthias Eick, Polar Bear)

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I cannot say how much I love the forthcoming albums of Matthias Eick, Paolo Fresu and Polar Bear. I’m a bit surprised, because, till now, I was never a huge fan of bandoneon worlds (the Fresu-album is a trumpet/fluegelhorn-bandoneon-duo), and Matthias Eick was for me more on the conventional side of trumpet playing. But these two albums are absolutely flawless, organic, exciting, calm, living beasts, don’t expect explanations now! They flow along, no hesitation, no wrong exits, and if you start thinking you’ll  realize the care for every detail. In fact, in this moment of time I do prefer the immersive experience, all the surprises along the way, the „en passant“ magic, the peculiar lightness of Matthias Eick (undercurrents guaranteed!), the Italian hinterland vibes of Fresu. Sardinian blues, so to speak. And, speaking of the „big flow“, we are, of course, in the „Same As You“-territory of Polar Bear’s fabulous album (my interview with „Polar Bear“-composer and drummer Sebastian Rochford, here on Manafonistas, on March 20th, or, let’s take March 21st, the beginning of spring.)

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