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2015 8 Mrz

So good to be true: Polar Bear’s record „Same As You“

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– Michael, you sure?

– I am. I’m always so happy with records that put a spell on you.

– Some voodoo vibe?

– No Santeria mysticism. Don’t need that for a fuckin‘ great ride.

– So what’s so good about it?

– Sebastian Rochford always skippin‘ the agenda for his band.

– Meanin‘?

– Polar Bear doesn’t ever swim twice in the same river. Ha.

– Are we goin‘ philosophical?

– Nah. Well, it all starts with a praise of love and light like in the late sixties, remember?

– Yep, all the cars were going crazy and transcendental… kinda „music is the healing force of the universe“?!

– Mmhm, Seb’s pickin‘ up some of those old vibes, and  he recently spent a lot of time out in nature. California.

– Field recordings are part of the game, and not in that new age way …

– Killer grooves suspended in air, distant echoes, saxophones strolling in the hinterland, a touch of the Caribeans.

– Rather short sax lines, too, and I do hear this preciseness of the rhythm.

– It never loses the grip. It’s minimal on a grand scale, it’s, well, how did they say in old times, panavision, yes, panavision.

– „Same As You“ is simply a gorgeous album. Organic. A distant cousin of Weather Report’s „Heavy Weather“.

– Ya, but in its own peculiar way. Airy. Dancefloor with a view. Precisely cut in all its looseness.

– Turn the lights down low.

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